Random Bird!

Hey guys! I made a new game! Check it out! It’s called random bird, like flappy bird. BUT BETTER. When you hit an obstacle it sets your score back to 0. when you make it through one you get a point & when you hit the ground.. you just die! And the coolest  part is […]


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Code your games!

Hey Guys! You know that Star Wars game I made.. Well you can make one too! Just go to https://studio.code.org/courses and scroll down to hour of code. You can pick from Minecraft, Star Wars, Frozen, Or just a classic maze! Also somewhere hidden in the site there is a option to create a WWE game! Go […]

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Check out my Star Wars game!

Hey guys sorry about not uploading on to my blog for a while, to make up for the wait I created a Star Wars game for you guys. Here are the rules. catch the stormtroopers & two mousedroids will spawn when you get a mousedroid it adds 300 points to your score when you get […]

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Today was a good day Faye came to see me, by the way Faye is my nanny. I also got to use the iPad’s at school, not much else has happened so I am quite relaxed.

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So.. I found it!

So yesterday I found the dead link for this website josephwtech.wordpress.com well I recreated the old website for everyone to look at: josephwdeadlink.wordpress.com It’s kind of boring but I recreated it so you can check out the old blog Peace out guys! ✌🏻

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1/10/17 #2 😓

So a couple of weeks ago our dog emmet has been diagnosed with very serious cancer he will pass away soon…… thank you emmet thank you for the memories 😭

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